Agile Development

Get better quality applications through fast-paced sprint iterations in Agile Development

Every organisation is moving like how most tech companies operate, especially with the constant innovation. Many tech companies are practicing the Agile development process in one way or another in developing their websites,products, and services.

Launched in 2001, Agile was drafted by 17 leading technologists who wrote 12 principles in handling developments using the agile mindset with its Agile Manifesto. The document features an implementation of the Agile mindset summarised in four core principles:

  • Focus on Individuals and interactions over tools and processes
  • Prioritise a working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Encourage customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Respond to change over following a plan

Agile came forth from the Waterfall methodology, previously the golden standard for software development. Waterfall requires extensive documentation before any coding starts.

Since it follows a chronological approach in documentation, no actual development will happen until: the business analyst completes documenting the overall strategy, comprehensive functional specifications, and visual user interface designs; and the technologists developed technical requirements of the document (including the application’s structure, data structures, object-oriented functional designs, user interfaces, etc.) from the business requirement document by the business analyst.

Through innovation, software developers and technologists slowly questioned the effectiveness of Waterfall. Then the 17 technologists came together and documented their shared principles on how the modern software development process should be implemented.

Flexisource IT as the champion of Agile development

Since its conception, Flexisource IT has and continues to be a champion of innovation. We are constantly looking for the latest trends and best practices in the industry to help our clients create better products and to aid their customers have a better experience in using these products.

We are strong believers of innovation, and while we respect the requirements and wants of our clients, we always introduce how Flexisource IT does its business: development using Agile methodology.

Being the best gateway to top-calibre IT talents in the Philippines, Flexisource IT gathers Agile experts and certified professionals in the field. Most teams at Flexisource IT are already implementing Agile method as they are guided by their project managers and Agile-certified team leads.

We specialise in two Agile frameworks: Scrum and Kanban.

Scrum is the most popular agile framework that focuses on iteration delivery called sprint. Each sprint comprises planning, task listing, and daily standup meetings so teams can communicate updates on the development status and strategies. Flexisource IT have certified Scrum Masters who facilitate sprints and overall development process with the project manager.

After each sprint, the team presents the demo of the functionality to the product owner. At the end of sprint, teams conduct a retrospective meeting to discuss what went well and what needs to be improved.

Kanban, on the other hand, is a visual system of managing work in software development. It has an overview of the workflow plus the actual work passing through that process. This methodology enables teams to identify the bottlenecks of the process and fix them to ensure efficiency and cost-effectivity of the development process.

Flexisource IT is your best gateway to accessing the best IT professionals in the Philippines servicing Australian clients. Our flexible outsourcing or flexisourcing approach enables you to handpick your dedicated IT development teams best-suited to your needs. If you’re looking for a reliable partner for innovation, don’t just outsource it, Flexisource IT!